Why am I doing this? Welcome to the quarter life crisis.

Two months ago I was sat in my room, youtubing Mexican pronounciations for my draft excursion presentation that I was expected to present at my assessment for a holiday rep job. The only thing which went through my frustrated mind was that if I didn’t get this job, least I would have a job. A job which was rather dull, mentally exhausting and made me feel like I had reached the end of my prime.

Prior to my decision to up sticks and leave, I worked as a Client Relations Case Officer in a nine till five office job. I had joined the company at 20 years old in their call centre and eventually ended up dealing with formal complaints. The money was okay and the perks were great. However, I just couldn’t agree with the moral conflict of my role and the fact that every situation was as depressing as the other.

Anxiety can be one of the most draining, mind numbing and emotionally bending conditions around, but at this point I won’t go into that any further. What I will say is for the last year I feel my job had exacerbated it to the point that I became sick and you know if you need to take time off work for something like that, then there is definitely something up with the job.

So I know when times get tough you can’t exactly just quit your job and move abroad. But I did anyway. Officially I walked out of that office on the 19th May 2017! Just less than a month ago.

Yes! Just like that. But do you know why I did it? Because I am 23 years old and not 43 years old. Up until this quarter life crisis started, I felt like I was in a midlife crisis (good song) and this was it. For so many years I have wanted to do something like this, just go and work away or explore the world, but anxiety and a lack of self-confidence held me back.

How did I overcome this barrier? A bottle of whiskey, a twenty deck and the truth of British weather.

It may have also taken the fact that if I really want to do something like this then the time is now. Unlike most of my friends, I don’t have any kids (fuck that), a wife (fuck that x2) or a mortgage (is that even a possibility now anyway?)

I have nothing to hold me back. The worst that can happen is I end up being sacked, sent back with a nice tan to live with my mum, go on the dole, don’t end up going out anymore due to lack of funds, get laughed at for failing, prove that I am an idiot and eventually die of starvation. So, when you put it into context, it really isn’t that risky is it?

On the 26th May 2017, I found out I was going to Tenerife. A volcanic island. But don’t worry because it hasn’t gone off for over a hundred years. (Touch wood)

You don’t think it will do you?

Now, I work as a rep and I live on the front of Santiago Beach, with a Portugese fella who had never ate a jaffa cake. Here are some of the highlights already:

This is the sunset from my balcony view. Interesting fact for you – Tenerife is in the same timezone as Britain. However, at 6.00am it seems to be pitch black here and it gets dark around 9.30pm. Anyway, the above picture is what I get to see most nights. That and drunken Brits.

This is Santiago beach. Well the rocks on the side anyway. A lot of beaches have black sand and lava rocks that have formed following the eruptions. It gets more hot on the sand than your unusual golden grains so wear flip flops!

This is me, chilling on the West coast, admiring the views and coming to terms of no parmos for 6 months.

This is me, enjoying some red wine, trying to look like a hipster.

This is me after I missed a patch on my back when spreading the sun lotion. I refused to allow anyone to do it for me, as I am an independent male. I call them the wings of fire.

This is me after watching Showtime. A fantastic show full of classics, characters and comedy.

This is some random lizard that was enjoying a can of Monster. I am not sure if this was healthy but who was I to judge?

Anyway, just to give you an insight into some of my fears;

  • Wasps.
  • Wasps.
  • More wasps.

So, yeah, bit of a problem on my hands. Literally. But fortunately I haven’t seen many at this point.

Over the last two weeks I have been on quite a few excursions. So I will write about them as I go along. And any other things that come in the mean time.

I tend to get into unlucky and unusual situations. For example, I was attacked by a goose on the way to work once and I also slipped on a nappy outside Sainsburys before.

Mhm, a recipe for disaster.

But the point of this journey, is to gain some real life experience, see the world, meet new people and knock down some barriers. Living alone, away from home, without parmos and being responsible. Do you think I can do it? I bloody hope so because I had a leaving party before I came out here so it would be pretty embarrassing if I was home in a month.

Either way, I am not sure where this blog will go but we will see anyway!

Wish me luck. ☺


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