Mental Health Can Make You or Break You..

For most people, there is a perception that mental health destroys lives and changes them for the worst. In some cases, yes that is true however, for everyone there is an opportunity to turn what is considered to be a burden into a positive change.

When my mental health was at it’s peak, I believed everything around me was ruined. Nothing was ever going to be the same, my character had been shattered and my image would never be painted in a positive light. It is very easy to surrender yourself to your demons and to see no future ahead.

Mental health often presents itself when we least expect it. No one can ever be prepared for the impact of a break down and it can occur for a reason or no reason at all. Some people experience traumatic events, some people become overwhelmed with stress and some people, who may be perfectly fine, suddenly find themselves in a deep situation full of turmoil.

Mental health does not always need a reason to latch itself on to us. There is a common ignorance that people who have everything they could need have no reason to be depressed. You only need to look at some of the many cases out there that began with an average person to realise mental health can be triggered in anyone.

I strongly believe that everyone has an element of mental health issues within them and it is possible it could strike out at them at any time. This may scare some people but it really shouldn’t. I do not regret or even resent my mental health whatsoever and I think that the first positive step is to accept your condition as part of you.

This took a long time for me because I feared I would become one of the many statistics across the world that often succumb to their demons. I was afraid that I was never going to recover and I would be burdened with my illness for the rest of my life. It was very difficult to look at this in any positive way.

However, when you do, you soon realise that perhaps your burden could be your gift. I believe that everything happens for a reason and sometimes these unexpected changes are changes meant to happen. The way your character changes in the aftermath is because that’s the person who you are.

Anyway, I will make my point. What has mental health done for me? Besides inspiring me to write thoughtful posts such as this, it has helped strengthen my character, reaffirmed my principles and ultimately made me a better person. I am not weak and I am not broken. I have been made and I am prepared for the challenges ahead.

I have opened my mind to the world and I have developed a lot of empathy for those suffering, an understanding for those struggling and my compassion for people has became my strength. These are factors about me that I am very proud of.

Finally, if I hadn’t of suffered a break down, then I wouldn’t be doing what I do now. My anxiety and depression sparked a journey into my life to discover the world and make the most of my qualities.

All in all, mental health can make you or break you. It is down to you to decide and the first step is believing you have the power to do so.


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