My name is Tommy Dunn and I was born on 10th March 1994 in Camden. However, all of my life I have lived in Middlesbrough and I have barely ventured away. I have a love for parmos, a hate for wasps and a tendency to be incredibly unlucky. The real calamity James right here!

Sure I have been to Las Vegas and New York. I also go with my family every year to Ireland, but I have never done anything on my own!

I decided on 31st March 2017 that I needed to quit my nine till five office job and set off on an adventure abroad. At the age of 23 years old, I realised I had never lived independently and I needed an opportunity for some change. So I applied to be a rep!

This was the most amazing time of my life and through the people I met, the experiences I was a part of, I was inspired to start my own blog. No clue why as of yet but I’m sure we will find out!

Enjoy! 😊