This pizza shop’s trick left me stunned.. can you figure it out?

So after finishing a shift I wandered into Playa De La Arena to locate a takeaway called Pizza Taxi with my colleague. I didn’t order anything but she did however, I couldn’t help but notice this highly interesting yet confusing Harry Potter-style trick.


Maybe I had crossed over into the wizarding world and found where Hagrid likes to go to after one too many butter beers?

Take a look and tell me if you can figure out what the magic behind this is? I know I am not the brightest but still!

Pizza Taxi is the best place to get a late night treat from if you’re ever too drunk in Playa De La Arena, Los Gigantes or even Santiago, of Tenerife. I once enjoyed a nice pepperoni pizza with thick garlic sauce. The cheese is gooey, fat and filthy, in a beautiful way. It is the kind of pizza you will only find in New York!

Click here to check out the video!